Bye Bye Aaron Cole Martin: The Army’s Got You Now!

Aaron Cole Martin

Aaron Cole Martin

“A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what’s in front of him; he fights because he loves what he’s left behind.” — Anonymous

Future law enforcement officer Aaron Cole Martin is heading to basic training for the US Army National Guard. His days of addiction are far behind him, and the world is waiting for this guy to make his mark. And I’m certain he will because he’s exhibited such determination to move forward with his new life which is filled with ambition. The Police Academy is a few short years away. And America’s Got Talent is happening right after basic training. I won’t spoil the surprise — listen to the interview with Aaron to get the details on the future winner of AGT! OK, I couldn’t resist this little gem from 1963 as Ann Margaret says Bye Bye to Conrad Birdie. Bye Bye Aaron — the Army’s got you now!

To listen to the interview with Aaron Cole Martin click here.

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