Tyrone Stamps: Owner of L’Amour Secret, an Adult Subscription Service

threeboxes(1)“Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature,” said Marilyn Monroe. And if Marilyn said it, it must be so, right? Sometimes, however, nature isn’t sufficient and we yearn for new ways to explore that natural instinct. For many, the option of walking into a sex shop is simply not an option. But L’Amour Secret has found a solution that eliminates retail and online shopping and keeps your personal secrets intact. Tyrone Stamps launched his adult subscription service for all things sexy about 8 months ago, and his business is flourishing. I’m not going to reveal all the goods here; you’ll have to listen to the interview for yourself. However, I’ll tell you that L’Amour Secret is an upscale service with quality products that are discreetly delivered to your home. There is not a single photo of a sex toy on the web site, because you don’t choose. Your secret selection is curated by Dr. Love himself based on your survey. More about the survey in the interview.

To entice my listeners, we have a special offer: use this code to get a 20% discount on your order. Discount code: LS20POASTAL

Check out the web site for complete details of the service and take advantage of the discount code: LS20POASTAL.

To listen to the interview with Dr. Love (aka Tyrone Stamps) of L’Amour Secret click here.

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