Filmmaker Robin Kampf — Producer & Director of “Love Wins”

love wins pix“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself,” said pop artist Andy Warhol. What’s your thought on that? Sit back and wait for something that’s important to you to (maybe) change over time or get actively involved in making the change happen? If you know Ocean Grove residents Jan Moore and Emily Sonessa, you know what side of the fence they’re on. After years of prejudice and a closeted existence, they are free to be their authentic loving selves. Their 45 year relationship is featured in a 30 minute documentary by Filmmaker Robin Kampf, and the film, Love Wins, will be premiered June 2 in Asbury Park at the House of Independents. Oh, there’s a problem! The screening is sold out — and that’s a beautiful problem for Robin, Jan, and Emily. Hopefully another screening will take place because Jan and Emily have a story to tell and it’s worth your time. Basic human rights are intended for all humans, not just a select group. Younger generations need to understand and acknowledge the struggle of the previous generations to fully appreciate their new found freedoms. The times they are a changin’ baby!

To listen to the interview with Filmmaker Robin Kampf along with Jan and Emily click here.

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