Sutton Thomas – Musician, Songwriter & Performer

Sutton Thomas, Anne Dennish, Andrea Tarr

Sutton Thomas, Anne Dennish, Andrea Tarr

“Music can change the world because it can change people,” proclaimed Bono who does know more than most about the power of music. It can transform you in many ways, both the music and lyrics, and take you back to another time and place. Sutton Thomas is continually working to harness his own musical power on his recent projects. He recently had one of his songs, Melt, included in the soundtrack of the movie Who’s Jenna. And then there is his collaboration with his talented wife Lisa on Sojourn, which is a virtual reality music project. We’ll have to wait a while for that one, but it is definitely an exciting concept to be able to fully immerse yourself into your favorite music — see it and hear it! I was at Barnes & Noble in Eatontown to see the collaborative event between Sutton Thomas and Anne Dennish, author of Waking Up. Anne’s words and Sutton’s music were a winning combination and the CD should be completed this summer. Stay tuned because you’re gonna want to have it for yourself.

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