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Mark Muller aka Bram Stoker — Author of Dracula

“You gotta love the cape!” So says accomplished actor Mark Muller, who has portrayed novelist Bram Stoker many times over the years. Watch him on Biography and you’ll see he was perfectly cast for the part.  Click here to see … Continue reading

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Eric Greene & Mario Casella of Slim Chance and The Gamblers

Like so many budding musicians, The Beatles figured prominently in the lives of Eric Greene and Mario Casella. What did we all do before The Beatles? Both Eric and Mario have been involved with several bands and playing music since … Continue reading

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Steve Warendorf & Craig Smith of Moroccan Sheepherders

A great band needs a great name and this one, as recounted by drummer Craig Smith, came straight from the pages of National Geographic. Want the details? Well, you’ll just have to listen to the interview, and it’s absolutely worth … Continue reading

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Life Coach Jenn A. Nocera Discusses Strange Addictions

Not every addiction is as obvious a smoking, drinking, or drugs. Some addictions are over the top strange such as eating dirt or soap, chewing ice, dating your car, or treating a blow-up doll as your wife. No matter what … Continue reading

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