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Joe Basile — Actor, Producer, Writer, Director of the Jersey Shore Crime Drama: “West End”

It seems that many actors want to direct, and many of them make very successful transitions to behind the camera (think Clint Eastwood). Since Joe Basile has finally completed filming his first movie, West End, we can officially add his … Continue reading

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Life Coach Jenn A. Nocera & Dealing with Toxic Friendships

It turns out Mom was absolutely right when she cautioned you not to hang around with the troublemakers when you were  kid. As we’re growing up, we’re easily influenced by our friends for the good, bad, and the ugly. And … Continue reading

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Chef UmbertoTurelli of Nuova Luna — Italian Comfort Food Cooked with Love

Chef/Owner of Nuova Luna and film industry executive at FMC Productions — could Umberto Turelli be any more diverse?  Sometimes more than one passion comes into your life and you have multiple dreams to follow. Such is the case with … Continue reading

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